Our Ridiculous One-Year/365-Day Return Guarantee:

We are the first and only dive/watersports retail organization in the WORLD to step up and offer this!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to exchange your product for something you REALLY like!

Please note that specific terms and conditions of your return apply. Please read carefully our Terms & Conditions.

You can return your purchase up to 365 days from the purchase date!

Bought equipment from us and your vacation was cancelled?

Bought that wetsuit from us in the winter and then lost all of that weight in the spring so 6 months later in the summer you are SWIMMING in it?

No worries, we are taking it back. . .and with a smile!

Click Here for Terms & Conditions.

“Perfect-Fit Guarantee”

Can't decide which size wetsuit, mask, or BCD to purchase because you’re between sizes?
Afraid of purchasing a mask, wetsuit, or BCD because you don’t know if it will look good on you?
You get the box home and excitedly open it only to discover that you HATE the color of that snorkel?
Well, we want to calm your fears.

You have ZERO RISK. Purchase ANY item from K2 . . . any wetsuit. . . any mask. . . any fins on the website and if when you get it home, you don’t ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, give us a call, and we will help you to find a better alternative, go on and ship it back to us. We will ship a more acceptable item back to YOU at no additional cost to you.

Click Here for Terms and Conditions.

  • Products must be returned in the exact condition you received them (this means brand new) and in the original box and/or packaging and manufacturers tags still affixed.
  • Any electronic product that has been opened and/or used cannot be returned unless the unit was received defective.
  • Please send any products under warranty directly to the manufacturer after talking with K2 technical support.
  • If your equipment hits water, you wash it, dive it, scrub the mask, or get it submerged in any way, it is now considered used!
  • As crazy as it sounds, we will also accept your used equipment return up to 60/90/120 days from date of original purchase.
  • Special orders* excluded from the above 365-Day Warranty.

  • *. . the small print part! ¬†Computers, Cameras/Camera Equipment, Software, & Music are not returnable after 10 days or once opened, and O2/Helium Sensors, Tanks, Hoses & Weights are not returnable at all.

    If you get it wet, it is used equipment.  Product must be packaged in it's unopened state, with tags affixed, and be and look spank brand new.  

    Please Thoroughly Read the Used Equipment/Return Policy Terms & Conditions Here.

  • Blowout/Closeout Merchandise does not apply to the above 365-Day Warranty, as as such cannot be returned. Tho' we will work with you. . .we are customer 'centric!
For our International customers, please contact us so we can make return arrangements for you.

Give customer service a call at 866 K2 Diving, and you will get a cheerful rep, happy to take care of you . . . guaranteed!

Purchase with confidence! Job isn't done until you are gleefully happy!

Welcome to the K2 Family!

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