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SeaLife Underwater Digital Camera DC-1400 Pro Duo, Video & Strobe, Bonus Mil/Spec Protective Case, Included!
  Bonus Mil/Spec Protective Case, Included!
 $ 1099.97
Pinnacle Freedom 2 Front Zip Drysuit
  Just a Gorgeous Drysuit!
 $ 1099.97
Oceanic Atom 3.1 Wrist Dive Computer with Transmitter Complete with Free Training & Bonus HardCase, Included!
  Free Computer Training, Transmitter & Bonus Protective HardCase, Included!
 $ 999.97
Bladefish Sea Jet 5000/7000, Underwater Personal Propulsion Jet
  So Wicked Slickedy Cool!
 $ 799.97
Ocean Technology Systems AGA/Interspiro Tactical Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage
  The Choice of Navy Black Ops & Police/Fire SAR
 $ 798.01
BigBlue 750 Lumens TL-3 LED Technical Light
  Regularly $750, on sale for. . .
 $ 749.97
MIL/SPEC Expedition Pro BCD, Black & Mean
  This is Freekin' All That!
 $ 647.97
GoPro Accessory Kit by Bigblue Dive Lights
  All That, and the Kitchen Sink
 $ 599.97
SeaLife Mini II Elite Dive, Snorkeling, Kayaking Sport Camera with Bonus Protective Hard-Case & Defogging Gel
  Congrats: Bonus Protective Hard-case & Lens Defogging Gel Included
 $ 579.97
Cressi Men's Travelight BCD Bonus Retractor & BCD Knife, Included!
  Bonus Retractor & BCD Knife, Included!
 $ 425.97
Mil/Spec Type 500 HDPE Freight & Transport Shipping Roller ToughCase, Black
  This Shipping Case is INDESTRUCTIBLE!
 $ 299.97
BigBlue 500 Lumens BB 3x5W LED Diving Torch (Depth 100m), Flash Yellow
  3 x 5W LED, 3.7V each, with optical diffusion lens
 $ 249.97
Liquid Image Video/Still Photo Scuba Mask (HD320 Mid), Blue
  . . . how slick would it be to do underwater video for a fraction of the cost!
 $ 249.97
IST Sports T120 Mini Sol Rechargeable LED Torch 750 LUMENS ,with Bonus Protective Mil/Spec HardCase, Included!
  Bonus Mil/Spec Protective Case, Included!
 $ 249.97
Atomic Aquatics Venom ARC UltraClear Mask with Bonus Mask Defog & Protective Case
  Bonus Atomic Protective Case & Mask Defog Included!
 $ 249.97
Oceanic B.U.D. Back Up SCUBA Diving Computer BUD, Bonus Gift Protective Hardcase Included
  With Bonus Gift Protective Hardcase Included!
 $ 218.97
Atomic Aquatics Venom UltraClear Mask with Bonus Mask Defog & Protective Case
  Bonus Protective Case & Mask Defog Gel Gift Included
 $ 199.97
Pinnacle Breaker 3mm Wetsuit
  built to withstand all the rigors of aggressive diving in the most demanding of warm water conditions.
 $ 189.97
BigBlue 250 Lumens LED Light CF250 With Pouch & Glove Blue
  CF-250 LED, Goodman’s Glove & Pouch for total flexibility!
 $ 154.97
BigBlue AL-250 Spotter LED Dive Light Black Goodman Glove & Pouch
  Wicked LED Technology!
 $ 139.97
BigBlue CF-250 Focusable LED Diving Light, Aluminum
  Schweet Anodized Aluminum Alloy!
 $ 124.97
Mil/Spec Type 40 Waterproof HardCase, Yellow
  Mi/Spec. . . t'aint your momma's hardcase!
 $ 114.97
Mil/Spec Type 61 Emergency First Responder Triage BackPack
  A Paramedic's First Choice for Humping Triage Equipment
 $ 104.97
Mil/Spec ToughCase BackPack System 50
  . . tain't your momma's backpack!
 $ 92.97
Xcel 2mm Women's Thermolite Springsuit Wetsuit, Black/Turquoise
  Beautifully Designed with a Woman's Curves in Mind
 $ 84.97
Mil/Spec Type 20 Waterproof HardCase, Black
  Mil/Spec 20, your best friend!
 $ 58.97
Tilos Pink Seer Jr. Full View Kids Mask & Dry Snorkel Set
  Go all girly with your kid's snorkel equipment
 $ 55.97
Tilos Mask and Snorkel Set-P250
  THIS is the kitchen sink!
 $ 52.99
Tilos 3mm Neoprene Hood
  3mm Skull & Skirt Warmth
 $ 25.99