How long does a spare air tank last?

Question by Fabian B: How lengthy does a spare air tank last?
I was thinking how lengthy a spare air tank might last at about 5m down. Im a qualified diver thus i recognize how to breathing from a tank thus thats not a condition. And im many possibly going to purchase a spare air tank when it last regarding or even more then 10 min at 5 m.
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Answer by uwaterskye
As a licensed diver, you need to recognize it depends the capability of the tank. The bigger the tank, the longer it might last. it equally depends about how much air we inhale and just how relaxed you may be.

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2 Responses to “How long does a spare air tank last?”

  1. deep Says:

    Don’t do it your self ,call to professional person. Don’t take risk.

  2. Robert M Says:

    The “Spare Air” company make 2 sizes.
    The classic “worst case” at rest is 15L per minute.
    So a 0.6L tank at approx 200 bar equates to 120L of air. At 1.5 atmospheres ambient pressure we will assume 22.5L per minute.

    So, about 6 mins with a 0.6L. Although you need to calculate your surface air consumption (SAC) to get a better answer.

    Keep an eye on your gauge and you will not need it.

    Please do not rely on it, it is for emergencies only!