Welcome to the Tribe Called K2!

tevis-fun-85kWe are what a watersports shoppe should be.  Come in and feel unhurried, unrushed and a genuine gladness at your presence.  You see, we are grateful for your business, whether you come visit us at our offices in North Hollywood, or purchase from us at k2scuba.com k2snorkel.com k2swim.com

Ever wanted to learn how to beach dive? We are here for you, and guess what, we are anti-merit badges. Just come dive, become more experienced, we will guide you into being a safer, more conscientious, more caring, and competent buddy oriented diver.
Lessay you are spank brand new, and holding your open water card. . now what?

The gazillion miles of shoreline beckons , but you haven’t been taught how. We’ve got you covered, and for no charge* (just the love of the sport) lets do a beach primer to get you more comfortable. Soon you will be battling the waves like the rest of us!

*well there is sorta a charge-new guy ponys up for the Ale!

Been diving for 20 years you say?

Booyah, and welcome. Want to go deep? Lets pair you up with someone you can trust and develop a strong team. Want to stay shallow but it’s no fun to solo dive. . . We have a host of new and eager divers to dive with you.

What say you if we treated you more like family, and a whole lot less like a meal ticket?  We may not always be the cheapest, but we will wow you over with gratitude and genuine customer service. . . it’s the K2 Difference!

We feel that if you take care of your friend, your friend gleefully takes care of you!

K2 Family of Companies, Incorporated
13136 Saticoy Avenue Building L North Hollywood, CA 91605

It is important for you to know, want to be treated with respect?  How can we take care of you today?  Value, Quality, Service-the Trifecta!  Give us a call at 866 K2 Diving (866 523 4846) or visit us here. We will keep the lights on!

Thanks for Moseying on over and visiting us! Since you gave us your valuable time, here's Some K2 resources love back:

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