Give the Gift of Freedom to a Wounded Soldier, to a child with no use of his legs. .

Stop for a moment, and think of others.  Put the anger, the hardness, the walls of your life aside and be thankful for the grace that you have. . . . But don’t stop there, step outside of yourself.

Remember the parable, “I complained because I had no shoes. . . and then I met a man who had no feet”

Think how lucky you are to have your limbs, to be able to walk, to be able to see, to be able to stand upright.

Now, that you are grateful.  Become your brother’s keeper: Put the Heart Back in Scuba: Give Now to the Diveheart Foundation

Posted By Scuba Diver Girls Margo

The Scuba Diver Girls, in conjunction with K2 Scuba want to put the heart back into the scuba industry with charitable giving!

The Diveheart Foundation has a need for scuba gear to train disabled divers! These items are displayed on our special featured products page where you can purchase them and we will ship them directly to Diveheart.

Here are some examples of what Diveheart needs from you!

A K2 service specialist will be contacting you after you have made your purchase, however feel free to add any special instructions or comments upon checkout.

Buying Dive Gear for Yourself? You Can Still Help!!!

  • Purchase your gear from K2 Scuba
  • At Checkout use Coupon Code: SDGDiveheart
  • Receive 10% off most items purchased, plus 10% of any profits will then be donated to the Diveheart Foundation!
More About Diveheart

Diveheart is an incredible organization and it is the “CAN DO” spirit that Diveheart hopes to instill in all its participants by giving them the confidence and independence that allows them to face their own life challenges and overcome barriers that before might have seemed insurmountable.

Through SCUBA diving, the Diveheart Foundation supports and facilitates programs that teach children and adults with disabilities and the military wounded to fly. Thanks to the wonder of the water column, the oceans and lakes of the world become the forgiving weightless environment of outer space, giving perfect buoyancy to a child or adult who would otherwise struggle on land.

LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN: You are going to buy gear. . . buy your gear AND feel good about the fact that you are teaching a wheelchair bound child to dive, you are helping a wounded warrior to feel the freedom of weightlessness.

AND, we are going to give you a discount at that.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

I ask, no expect, no. . .demand your comments!

What other worthy charities should we know about?

What other causes are near and dear to your heart?

The Tribe K2, in conjunction with the ScubaDiverGirls know your heart. . . and it is good!


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