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  Technical Diving is the next step in your diving education. It is neither magical nor an elite clique. If you dive Nitrox, you are technically diving. . .if you have thought about staying a bit longer than your NDL at 60 fsw, you are knocking on the door of technical diving! Welcome to a whole new world of sport diving! !
 Technical Regulators
2012 Oceanic EOS FDX 10 DVT Electronic Scuba Regulator
Step Up to Perfect!
Dive Rite RG3000 First Stage
a high performance 1st stage designed for the rigors of tech diving!
Dive Rite DIN to Yoke Adapter
232 BAR of yoke valve diving excitement!
Diverʼs Save a Dive Tool Kit Zippered Easy Access Tool Folder
. . . you gotta ask yourself, how much is your dive worth?