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  Technical Diving is the next step in your diving education. It is neither magical nor an elite clique. If you dive Nitrox, you are technically diving. . .if you have thought about staying a bit longer than your NDL at 60 fsw, you are knocking on the door of technical diving! Welcome to a whole new world of sport diving! !
 Tech Accessories
Hollis H-160 Dive Propulsion Vehicle
Done playing with toy scooters? Step up to the big DOG!
Nuvair High Pressure SCBA & Scuba Portable Compressors
Be free of bad air, short fills, hot fills, attitudes because you are an Ind Instructor
Oceanic Mako DPV Scooter
Slickedy Schweet DPV, for the diver who has everything!
Ocean Reef Communications Global Submarine Messenger (GSM) Transceiver
Your Basic Starter Communications Device
Ocean Reef Neptune Space Full Face Mask with GSM
. . . well, dontcha want to make it easy on yourself?!
Ocean Reef Communications Global Submarine Messenger DC Transceiver
. . you spend all that $$$ now how you gonna talk!
Ocean Reef Neptune Space Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage
. . . mmmm, full face mask thingy!
Nuvair Pro Helium Analyzer
Ooooh this is a schweet Helium Analyzer, to know it, you are one of the BIG DOGS!
Nuvair Quickstick Oxygen Analyzer
Remove your nose from the computer screen, you are smutzing it!
Luxfer/HyMark Aluminum 40 Deco Cylinder
Schweet WorkHorse Deco Bottle
Dive Rite Balanced Relief Valve
Awww, Relief. . . .!
DIN to DIN Transfill Whip with 5000 PSI Gauge
. . . lordy this makes on the spot fills so easy!
K2 Compass, LED Light, Shark Stickin' Knife Package!
Everything You Need for your Advanced Open Water Package
Dive Rite STA & Stamped SS Cam Bands Package
. . . Just a Wicked Schweet Setup!
Dive Rite Lift Bag
Salvage divers, underwater archaeologists, lets lift stuff
IST Professional Tank Pressure Gauge with Yoke Fitting
You know you want it!
Dive Rite 32 lbs QLR Weight Pocket
32 Pounds Never Sat So Good!
Drak USB Interface
Drak USB Interface
Dive Rite Surface Marker Buoy
5-feet tall by 8-inches wide (1.52m x 20.3cm)
IST Professional Tank Pressure Gauge with DIN Fitting
Oooh, you know you want one!
Dive Rite Stainless Steel Tank Cam Bands (set of two)
This is the ONLY way to torque your tank to your BCD, go MAD steel
Pinnacle Merino Lined Drysuit Hood
The warmest hood available, and will keep a drysuit diver
IST Sport Classic Rubber Fins
Even after 20 years, it's still a Classic!
Dive Rite Wrist Compass
All That Power, in a Rugged Wrist Mounted Compass
Dive Rite DIN to Yoke Adapter
232 BAR of yoke valve diving excitement!
AquaSketch Minno Slate, Black
This is SLICK technology!
Poseidon Systems One Drysuit Technical Shoe
Damn, itsa Poseidon!
Handheld Emergency Location Pinpointer, H.E.L.P
Better to have one and not need it, than to need one. . .
Tilos/IST Excel Frameless Mask, Black
Sleek, Black, Frameless, Low Profile. . you will forget you have a mask on!
Deep Outdoors 10ft Jon Line
Dont' be hanging without one!
Pinnacle Deluxe Drysuit Bag
Have spare drysuits and accessories, this bag holds it all.
Shoulder Pads / Hose Holders
..utilized for harness shoulder pads.
Dive Rite Cold Water Z Knife
Preferred by Cold Water Divers Everywhere
Pinnacle 7mm Drysuit Hood
Wicked Warmth No Matter How Cold the H2O is!
Jon Line w/ Integrated Pouch and SS Snap 8' long & clip
...integrated into a special easy to deploy, easy to stow Velcro pouch.
Dive Rite Low Profile 1.5" Cam Band
1.5 sweet by 36 inches for taming those pony bottles!
Trident Tank Band & Metal Buckle
Latch it down!
Dive Rite Z Knife
You gotta have it!
Dive Rite Cam Bands with Plastic Buckle
The Workhorse Cam Band!
Dive Rite 28 Inch Cam Band for Pony Bottles
28 Inch with Delrin Buckle
Replacement Atlas 660/Showa Dryglove
Why pay ridiculous amounts for a replacement glove?
Dive Rite SS Dbl Ender Bolt Snap 4.5 inches
Snap it Longer
Dive Rite SS Double Ender Bolt Snap 4 inches
Dive Rite X Large SS Swivel Bolt Snap
This is a big un' for starting that SPG!
NOAA NITROX I: 32% Nitrox Dive Tables
Regular Price: $10 ON SALE NOW FOR
NOAA NITROX II: 36% Nitrox Dive Tables
. . .Mmmm Voodoo Gas!
Dive Rite SS Double End Bolt Snap 3.5
Snap It!
Trident Dive Underwater Slate
Bright white writing slate in a compact size
Trident Tank Cam Band Buckle, Black
. . . go on and tempt fate, and not have this in your dive kit!
Dive Rite Medium SS Swivel Bolt Snap
What are you wearing on your primary hose?
Cave Diving Line Arrows
Dive Rite Cave Diving Junk!