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  Think of ScubaLab as the Consumer Reports of the scuba diving world. After all, ScubaLab has equipped active divers with the most reliable scuba-diving gear information since 1992. ScubaLab's test team, which boasts a combined 62 years of scuba diving experience, generates this info in a myriad of ways.. . .
Oceanic DataMask HUD Computer Package Complete
This is the Most Wicked Computer Ever Made!
Oceanic Atom 3.1 Wrist Dive Computer with Transmitter Complete with Free Training & Bonus HardCase, Included!
Free Computer Training, Transmitter & Bonus Protective HardCase, Included!
Oceanic VT 4.0 Wrist/Console Computer
No Strings Attached!
2012 Oceanic EOS FDX 10 DVT Electronic Scuba Regulator
Step Up to Perfect!
Oceanic Atom 3.1 Wrist Dive Computer with Free Training & Bonus HardCase, Included!
Bonus Protective Case & Computer Training, Included!
MIL/SPEC Expedition Pro BCD, Black & Mean
This is Freekin' All That!
NEW Oceanic Pro Plus 2.1 Computer with Quick Disconnect & Compass
A Computer for Older Eyes!
Dive Rite LED 700 Flashlight
LED technology is the future for dive lights
Oceanic Geo 2 Dual Algorithm Wrist Dive Computer, with Bonus Protective Case, Included!
Bonus Protective Case & Computer Training, Included!
Cressi Leonardo Wrist Diving Computer with Bonus Protective Mil/Spec HardCase
Bonus Protective Mil/Spec Type 10 HardCase, Included!
Apollo Bio Fins Pro XT C-Series - with Stainless Steel Fin Straps
Old Skool Split Fins!
IST Sports T120 Mini Sol Rechargeable LED Torch 750 LUMENS ,with Bonus Protective Mil/Spec HardCase, Included!
Bonus Mil/Spec Protective Case, Included!
Apollo Bio-Fin Pro C-Series Open Heel SCUBA Diving Split Fins
Regularly $260, Wickedly Discounted to. .
Oceanic Vortex V-12 Split Fins
Hot & Efficient Power, apollo who?
Princeton Tec Pink Shockwave LED Scuba Dive Light
Light up your dive& help fight breast cancer
Cressi Reaction Open Heel Fins
Just Gorgeous . . .
IST Proline ProEar Protection Mask. Bonus Protective Case & Mask Defog, Included!
Bonus Protective Case & Mask Defog, Included!
Oceanic Ion III Series Mask, Black
Regularly $75, Wickedly Discounted to. .
Dive Alert Plus, Underwater/Surface Signalling Device
Better to have it and not need it, than to need it. . .
Oceanic Ion Mask
May be easily fitted with optical lenses from -1.5 to -8.0 diopters in .5 increments
Dive Rite Stainless Steel Tank Cam Bands (set of two)
This is the ONLY way to torque your tank to your BCD, go MAD steel
Cressi Piuma Evolution Crystal Mask
In just a few years the X-Vision has become a benchmark in diving masks.
Dive Rite DIN to Yoke Adapter
232 BAR of yoke valve diving excitement!
Handheld Emergency Location Pinpointer, H.E.L.P
Better to have one and not need it, than to need one. . .
Pinnacle Aquatics Women's Short Sleeve 6 oz Rash Guard, Pink
Pink Never Looked So Good, and we aren't talking about your Sun Burn
Oceanic Cargo Mesh Backpack
Schweet gear transport for humpin' tropical stuff!
Tilos Solar Mask
Foldable innovative buckles perfect for travel
Perfect for all watersports!
Mack's Rechargeable Ear Dryer, Blue/White
Swimmer's Ear Sucks!
Xcel Women's Infiniti Boardshorts
Looking Good!
Tilos Titanica Junior Camo
Sooooo cute! Perfect with the Oracle Jr. Snorkel!
Tilos Women's Short Sleeve Anti-UV Rash Guard
No sunburns, ladies!
Diving & Drysuit Ankle Weights
That Answer to Floaty Feet Syndrome!
Dive Rite 28 Inch Cam Band for Pony Bottles
28 Inch with Delrin Buckle
McNett Aquaseal Repair Adhesive and Sealant
Seal with the Best!