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  Check out these must-haves that will save your dive, make life easier, and more enjoyable. . . By now, we all know the joy is in the little things.
Hollis H-160 Dive Propulsion Vehicle
Done playing with toy scooters? Step up to the big DOG!
Oceanic Mako DPV Scooter
Slickedy Schweet DPV, for the diver who has everything!
TUSA SAV-7EVO Underwater Dive Propulsion Vehicle, Yellow
It a Freekin' DPV. . .for a schweet price!
Bladefish Sea Jet 5000/7000, Underwater Personal Propulsion Jet
So Wicked Slickedy Cool!
Bladefish Sea Jet 3000, Underwater Personal Propulsion Jet
Vroom, Vroom. . .