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  Check out these must-haves that will save your dive, make life easier, and more enjoyable. . . By now, we all know the joy is in the little things.
Dive Rite HID 1000 Slimline Canister Light
1000 Lumens in an HID? Booyah!
Dive Rite RX10 Canister Light, with Bonus Protective Case, Included!
Bonus Protective Case, Included!
BigBlue 750 Lumens TL-3 LED Technical Light
Regularly $750, on sale for. . .
BigBlue 1800 Lumens Technical LED Light
Regularly $900, on sale for. . .
BigBlue 1000 Lumens Aluminum Technical LED Light
Schweet Stunning Luminousity!
BigBlue 1300 Lumens LED Technical Light
Regularly $820, on sale for. . .
Dive Rite LED LUX Canister Light
Burn time increased to six hours!
Dive Rite LED 700 Corded Flashlight
Turn the LED 700 Flashlight into a can light!
Dive Rite LED 700 Flashlight
LED technology is the future for dive lights
BigBlue 1000 Lumens LED Diving Light BB-1X30W, Black
Brilliant luminosity, this is just wicked kool!
BigBlue 880 Lumens Xtream Quattro LED Light
Combination of Power and Ruggedness!
Underwater Kinetics (UK) AquaSun eLED® Rechargeable Pistol
Bring the Sun with You!
BigBlue 500 Lumens Aluminum LED FF 3X5W AFO Focus Light
. . . delivers ultra-high light output with AFO!
BigBlue 500 Lumen LED Light w/o Automatic Flash Off (AFO)
with or without Automatic Flash off (AFO)
BigBlue 500 Lumens BB 3x5W LED Diving Torch (Depth 100m), Flash Yellow
3 x 5W LED, 3.7V each, with optical diffusion lens
IST Sports T120 Mini Sol Rechargeable LED Torch 750 LUMENS ,with Bonus Protective Mil/Spec HardCase, Included!
Bonus Mil/Spec Protective Case, Included!
Underwater Kinetics Light Cannon 100
The most powerful recreational HID that you can buy!
Underwater Kinetics C8 eLED
11-watt twin LED module with fish frying technology!
Underwater Kinetics Dive Lights C8 High Intensity eLED Plus
...Special Features:Brightness Increases 40% Under Water.
Princeton Tec Pink Shockwave LED Scuba Dive Light
Light up your dive& help fight breast cancer
BigBlue 250 Lumens LED Light CF250 With Pouch & Glove Blue
CF-250 LED, Goodman’s Glove & Pouch for total flexibility!
K2 Compass, LED Light, Shark Stickin' Knife Package!
Everything You Need for your Advanced Open Water Package
BigBlue 200 Lumen AL-1 X 5W LED Back Up Dive Light (Black Goodman Glove & Pouch
200 Schweet Lumens, This is Innovation!
Princeton Tec MiniWave 337 lumens LED Scuba Dive Light, Black
Comes with Rechargeable battery!
BigBlue AL-250 Spotter LED Dive Light Black Goodman Glove & Pouch
Wicked LED Technology!
BigBlue CF-250 Focusable LED Diving Light, Aluminum
Schweet Anodized Aluminum Alloy!
Big Blue FF 1x5W Aluminum LED Diving Torch
Powerful yet Compact!
Underwater Kinetics C4 eLED
6-watt white LED brings the sunshine!
Princeton Tec ShockWave 400 lumens LED Dive Light, Black
. . .brrring the sun!
UK Super Q eLed Rechargeable Dive Light
...Brand NEW with full Manufactures Warranty!
Big Blue Nickel Metal Hydride 4.5Ah NiMH Rechargeable Battery
Large capacity, compact size, step up to BIG BLUE!
Tilos Discovery III 5 Watt Flashlight
5 Watt LED Flashlight w/Philips LUMILEDS LED lights
Princeton Tec EOS LED Headlamp
Tactical Lighting, 3 Brightness Levels and Blinking Light Option
Tilos Discovery I 3-Watt Underwater Flashlight
Small but Powerful!
Princeton Tec Eos Tactical Headlamp
State-of-the Art, Stealthy and Strong
Tilos Magma S Sun 1w High Power Strobe
1 watt LED high power red light
Princeton Tec Quad Tactical Headlamp
...4 Ultrabright, regulated LEDS with 4 modes (includes flash mode)
Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp
...Lightweight headlamp for camping, climbing, running and fishing
Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eLED
Mad Power in a Teeny Tiny Housing!
Water Proof Scuba Diving Safety Strobe & LED Light
...Super safety strobe light/flashlight combination.
Innovative Glo-Toob
These remarkable, solid
Tilos Discovery II Flashlight
Powered by 4-AA alkaline batteries
Innovative Yoke Lights.
Long lasting Super Bright Yoke Light integrates the marker light with the regulator yoke screw.
Innovative Optic Tube Marker Light
2 LED lights at both ends with 2 battery compartments
Tilos Dive Torch
The torch to have!
Innovative Lazer-Stik Light Stick
Rated to 350' depth. US Patent D391,653 - Canadian Patent 82779. Batteries included.
Innovative 200 Hour Flashing Water Activated Marker Light
Total life is 200 hours which far exceeds most marker lights on the market.