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  Check out these must-haves that will save your dive, make life easier, and more enjoyable. . . By now, we all know the joy is in the little things.
 Dive Knives
K2 Compass, LED Light, Shark Stickin' Knife Package!
Everything You Need for your Advanced Open Water Package
Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Titanium Dive Knife
Go all Titanium, with yo' Baad Self!
IST Proline Titanium Point Tip Knife, Black
5.7 inches of Titanium Strength 150,000 (lbs/inch)
Tilos BCD Titanium Drop Point Dive Knife
3” Stainless Steel blade withTitanium coating
Tilos Forged Drop Point Ergonomic Knife, Black
4.5” Stainless Steel Blade and Schweet Talons
Tilos Diver Drop Point Knife, Black
5” Stainless Steel Shark Stickin' Power
Diver Blunt Tip Knife
Get The New Tilos Blunt Tip!
Dive Rite Cold Water Z Knife
Preferred by Cold Water Divers Everywhere
Oceanic/Trident BC Knife Blunt Tip
Oceanic means Quality
Tilos 420 Stainless Steel Drop Point Knife, Black
4.5” (420) Stainless Steel. Just wicked Cool!
Tilos Deluxe Drop Point 420 Stainless Steel Knife
4.5” (420) Stainless Steel blade with Titanium coating
Scuba Max Folding Pocket Dive Knife
Shearing through the rest!
IST Sport Stainless Steel Knife
Here Is The New Good Tilos Blunt Tip Knife
Dive Rite Z Knife
You gotta have it!
Scuba Max Pointed BCD Dive Knife
Sleeker and Sexier!
Tilos BCD Drop Point Knife, Black/Blue
3” (420) Stainless Steel blade
Deepoutdoors Line Cutter
Don't get snagged!
Tilos 3 Inch Pointed Knife
Tilos BCD 3 Inch Serrated Edge
Scuba Max BC Knife Blue KN-100 Round
Quick and Efficient Just like you!
Stainless Steel Scuba Tool, made of Surgical Stainless Steel
. . . it is the best friend you will EVER have when you field strip equipment!
Tilos BCD Plastic Knife Sheath
Compatible with Tilos’s item K100, K200 & K300
Tilos BCD Hose Attachment for Knife
Now you can find your knife!