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  Check out these must-haves that will save your dive, make life easier, and more enjoyable. . . By now, we all know the joy is in the little things.
ScubaMax Boat Coat
You KNOW you are tired of being ccccold!
Bamboo Ventx Hoodie made of Recycled Materials
Go Green, Prevent Skin Cancer, and Look Great Doing It
Xcel Men's UV Stretch UPF Jumpsuit, Black/Alloy
This is the Suit that You Wish You Had, Stop the Burn!
Xcel Mens Heathered Ventx Hoodie, Bonus Gift Triathlon Sunblock Included
Bonus Gift Triathlon Sunblock Included
Xcel Womens EcoVentx Hoodie
Go on with yo' Hooded Zippered Baad Self!
Pinnacle Aquatics Women's Short Sleeve 6 oz Rash Guard, Pink
Pink Never Looked So Good, and we aren't talking about your Sun Burn
Xcel Women's Long Sleeve Rashguard
Best looking in the water!
Xcel Ventx Short Sleeve Rash Guard
Don't get burned! IN STOCK Now
Tilos Unisex 1mm Neo Lycra Paddle Shorts
1mm neoprene with lycra insertion for better stretch and comfort
Tilos Fleece Shorts Unisex
Fleece lining
Xcel Mens Long Sleeve Rash Guard
Awesome look and UV protection too!
Xcel Xcelerator Boardshorts
Xcel Pupukea Mens Boardshorts
Hot Lookin' with Great Comfort!
Perfect for all watersports!
Xcel Women's Infiniti Boardshorts
Looking Good!
Xcel Men's Haleiwa Boardshort
Don't burn bottom!
Xcel Kids Long Sleeve Sun Protective Top
Save Their Young Skin from Sun Damage!
Tilos Anti-UV Rash Guards Male Ss
4-way stretch UV flex--stay cool!
Tilos Women's Short Sleeve Anti-UV Rash Guard
No sunburns, ladies!
Tilos Women's Long Sleeve Anti-UV Rash Guard
Keeps you cool and no sun damage, ladies!
Tilos Long Sleeve UV Protective Rash Guard
4-way stretch UV flex
McNett Advanced Microfiber Towel
Dry off in Style!
Xcel Womens Short Sleeve Sun Protective Shirt
Sun Protection Never Looked Better!
Nitrox Flag Diving Baseball Cap
Show your colors. . .Voodoo Gas Diver!
Tilos Short Sleeve UV Protective Rash Guard
4-way Stretch UV Flex
Tilos Anti-Uv Rash Guards Male Ss
Stay cool and don't burn!
Sun Protective Diving Cap
Stop Burning your cranium. . .Diver!
House Shark Banner, Black
Show your colors. . .Pirate!
McNett Money Pouch
Protect your valuables!
Bad Divers Men's T-Shirts
We Have Fishues. . . .
Cetacea Watch Guard
Protect your investment!
Ship & Scuba Diver Mouse Pad
...Show the world your Scuba Style with this dive-themed mouse pad!