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  Welcome to California hard core diving. . . or not! Wherever you find yourself, in the Ice Ccccold climes of Washington State, or the 85 degree bath water of the Carribbean. . . we've got you covered. Check out these premiere wetsuits and drysuits. Thanks for the privilege to serve you.
 Xcel Scuba Wetsuits
Xcel 2012 ThermoBamboo Ultrastretch 7/6/5mm Package
The Best of the Xcel Line, Bamboo Thermostretch, Titanium, Warmth!
Xcel ThermoBamboo Ultrastretch 5/4/3mm Package
Xcel ThermoBamboo Ultrastretch 3/2mm Package
Xcel Superpremium Tropical Warmth in a convenient Package!
2012 Xcel Mens Polar Quad-Density Wetsuit with Multi-Density Vented Hood
Master of Warmth!!!
Xcel Thermoflex Bamboo Ultrastretch 7/6/5mm Full Wetsuit, Black Cyan Blue
2012 Bamboo UltraStretch and Mad Warmth!
Xcel Women's 8/7/6/5 Thermobarrier Ultrastretch Bamboo Semi Dry Fullsuit
The Ultimate in Wetsuit Warmth, this is the Rolls Royce of Women's Semi Dry
Xcel Thermoflex Bamboo Ultrastretch 5/4mm Full Wetsuit, Bonus 5mm Gloves, Included
Bonus 5mm Gloves, Included!
Xcel 5/4 Men's Thermo Bamboo Thermoflex Fullsuit, Size Large
Regularly $400, on sale for. . .
Xcel Women's 3 mm ThermoBamboo Tropical Fullsuit, Black/Cyan
Just Utter Sweetness in a Tropical Fullsuit
Xcel Mens HydroFlex 7/6mm Wetsuit
A Most Awesomest Wetsuit!
Xcel Womens HydroFlex 7/6mm Fullsuit Wetsuit
Mmmm, Warmth!
Xcel Womens ThermoBamboo Ultrastretch 7/6/5mm Full Wetsuit, Size 10
Regularly $430, Make an Offer. .
Xcel Mens HydroFlex 5/4mm Fullsuit
Stealth & Warmth, Booyah!
Xcel Womens HydroFlex 5/4mm Fullsuit Wetsuit
5mm Luxury for all your curves!
Xcel Mens 3mm HydroFlex Fullsuit, Black
3mm and a ThermoBamboo Lining!
Xcel Womens 3mm HydroFlex Fullsuit Wetsuit
3mm of Delicious Bamboo Goodness!
Xcel Kid's Thermolite 3/2mm Wetsuit
Because Our Kids Deserve This Maximum Protection
Xcel Women's Thermoflex Bamboo 6/5/4 Hooded Vest
Just the beauty and warmth you need!
Xcel Men's Thermoflex Bamboo 6/5/4 Hooded Vest
Serious Warmth for the Serious Diver
Xcel Men's Thermolite 3/2mm Wetsuit
Drag Resistant and Sleek
Xcel Women's Thermolite 3/2mm Wetsuit
Beautiful, just Beautiful!
Xcel 6/5/4 ThermoFlex Hooded Vest
Freekin' Warm, Eco-Friendly & Crazy Kool!
Xcel Women's Thermolite 3/2mm Wetsuit
Be Stylish, Slim & Sleek
Xcel Men's Thermoflex Bamboo 4/3 Hooded Vest
Warmth and Mobility in One
Xcel Women's Thermoflex Bamboo 4/3 Hooded Vest
Warmth and Beauty All In One
Xcel 4/3mm ThermoFlex Hooded Vest
So you want to be slickedy cool in warmer waters!
Xcel 2mm Women's Thermolite Springsuit Wetsuit, Black/Turquoise
Beautifully Designed with a Woman's Curves in Mind
Xcel Women's UV Stretch UPF Jumpsuit, Black/Turquoise
Sleek, Black, Luxurious. . .and UV Protection?
Bamboo Ventx Hoodie made of Recycled Materials
Go Green, Prevent Skin Cancer, and Look Great Doing It
Xcel Men's UV Stretch UPF Jumpsuit, Black/Alloy
This is the Suit that You Wish You Had, Stop the Burn!
Xcel Mens Heathered Ventx Hoodie, Bonus Gift Triathlon Sunblock Included
Bonus Gift Triathlon Sunblock Included
Xcel Mens EcoVentx UV Protection Hoodie Front Zip/ Pullover
Would You Trust Your Manly Skin to Anything Else?
Xcel Womens EcoVentx Hoodie
Go on with yo' Hooded Zippered Baad Self!
Xcel Titanium 5mm Gloves
Be Warm with Style!
Xcel 6.5mm Bamboo Thermobarrier Hardsole Boot
Regularly $95, Wickedly Discounted to. .
Xcel Titanium 3mm Gloves
Regularly $60, Wickedly Discounted to. .
Xcel Women's Long Sleeve Rashguard
Best looking in the water!
Xcel Ventx Short Sleeve Rash Guard
Don't get burned! IN STOCK Now
Xcel Men's Haleiwa Boardshort
Don't burn bottom!
Xcel Women's Infiniti Boardshorts
Looking Good!
Xcel Womens Short Sleeve Sun Protective Shirt
Sun Protection Never Looked Better!
Profile Design Suit Juice Wetsuit Lubricant, 8 oz
. . . git all slippery wit it!