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  This section is for Military Ops, Police and Fire SAR Teams, Independent Instructors, Dive Captains, Dive Masters, Commercial Divers & those who make a living in the SCUBA industry. We are here to support you! Urah!
 Public Safety/Tactical
TUSA SAV-7EVO Underwater Dive Propulsion Vehicle, Yellow
It a Freekin' DPV. . .for a schweet price!
Ocean Reef Communications Global Submarine Messenger (GSM) Transceiver
Your Basic Starter Communications Device
Ocean Reef Neptune Space Full Face Mask with GSM
. . . well, dontcha want to make it easy on yourself?!
Ocean Reef Neptune Space Predator Full Face Mask w/ Gold 2nd Stage
The Best, of the Best, of the Best. . . .
Seachange Technology Mariner Safety/First Aid Shark Shield Deterrent for Commercial Boat
. . . a shark is in the water. . .with your scuba diving clients. . .what do you do?
Ocean Reef GSM G-Power Volume Control Communications Unit
. . .volume control? Good Boogy Woogly, what will they think of next?!
Ocean Reef Neptune Space Raptor Full Face Mask, Black
. . oooh is this purdy or what?
Ocean Reef Communications Global Submarine Messenger DC Transceiver
. . you spend all that $$$ now how you gonna talk!
Ocean Technology Systems AGA/Interspiro Tactical Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage
The Choice of Navy Black Ops & Police/Fire SAR
Dive Rite Hogarthian (HOG) Technical DIR Rig Package Complete
Go all Hoggy wit it!
BigBlue 1800 Lumens Technical LED Light
Regularly $900, on sale for. . .
Ocean Reef Neptune Space Full Face Mask with 2nd Stage
. . . mmmm, full face mask thingy!
Nuvair Pro Helium Analyzer
Ooooh this is a schweet Helium Analyzer, to know it, you are one of the BIG DOGS!
Spare Air 300 Emergency Air Package 3.0 Cu. Ft., Yellow
. . . it is the better to have it, and not need it Kung Fu!
IST Sports T120 Mini Sol Rechargeable LED Torch 750 LUMENS ,with Bonus Protective Mil/Spec HardCase, Included!
Bonus Mil/Spec Protective Case, Included!
Nuvair Quickstick Oxygen Analyzer
Remove your nose from the computer screen, you are smutzing it!
Luxfer/HyMark Aluminum 40 Deco Cylinder
Schweet WorkHorse Deco Bottle
SeaLife Mini II Dive, Snorkeling, Kayaking Sport Camera, Graphite!
Ingeniously Simple!
Princeton Tec MiniWave 337 lumens LED Scuba Dive Light, Black
Comes with Rechargeable battery!
SeaDive SeaKing RayBlocker TruVu Mask
This is the Wicked Low Volume UV Protection Color Correcting. . .
Princeton Tec EOS LED Headlamp
Tactical Lighting, 3 Brightness Levels and Blinking Light Option
Princeton Tec Eos Tactical Headlamp
State-of-the Art, Stealthy and Strong
AquaSketch Minno Slate, Black
This is SLICK technology!
Diverʼs Save a Dive Tool Kit Zippered Easy Access Tool Folder
. . . you gotta ask yourself, how much is your dive worth?
Stainless Steel Scuba Tool, made of Surgical Stainless Steel
. . . it is the best friend you will EVER have when you field strip equipment!
House Shark Banner, Black
Show your colors. . .Pirate!
Rescue Tape Self-Fusing Silicone Repair Tape, Length 1 inches by 12 feet
. . . you won't need it until you NEED IT!