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  Have the dilemma of that hard to find a gift for friend or family member. Let us help, we are just a phone call away for gift ideas for that surfer, wakeboarder, freediver or SCUBA Diver! Welcome tot the Tribe Called K2, Welcome Home!
 Under $99
Mil/Spec Type 30 Waterproof HardCase, Black
Mil/Spec . . . Chicka Pow Pow!
Tilos Magma Set-800
Purged Double Lens Panoramic Mask
Xcel Women's UV Stretch UPF Jumpsuit, Black/Turquoise
Sleek, Black, Luxurious. . .and UV Protection?
Scuba On DVD-Open Water Scuba Instruction
Everything explained about the art of diving, in this HD DVD
Dive Alert Plus, Underwater/Surface Signalling Device
Better to have it and not need it, than to need it. . .
Xcel Mens Heathered Ventx Hoodie, Bonus Gift Triathlon Sunblock Included
Bonus Gift Triathlon Sunblock Included
Tilos Jr. Kids Youth Mask and Snorkel Set-K100
MA60 Panoramic Jr. Mask
Tilos Mask and Snorkel Set-900
Purged Arrow Dynamic Mask
Tilos 5/3mm Super-Stretch Hooded Vest
5mm of 250% SuperStretch!
Tilos 60L Drybag Backpack
. . .waterproof heavy PVC coated Denier
Tilos Kid's Youth Mask/Snorkel Set-PK100
Great for the kids or adults with smaller face
Tilos PA-1900 Kid's Mask Fin Snorkeling Set
You will make your kid VERY HAPPY!
Tilos Set PF7212
Tilos Mask, Snorkel and Fin Set--Quality at a great price!
Tilos Stealth Hunter's Mask, Black
Mirrored Lens Ideal for Spearfishing!
Tilos Magma PA7212
M600 Universal II Mask
Tilos Magma Set-700
Visionary Mask
Rescue Tape Self-Fusing Silicone, Length: 2 inches X 36 feet
. . . what the heck do you need all of this tape for?
Mil/Spec Type 20 Waterproof HardCase, Black
Mil/Spec 20, your best friend!
Mil/Spec Type 20 Waterproof HardCase, Yellow
Mil/Spec. . . Come git some!
Trident Lobster One-Handed Squeeze Bag
That lobster dinner has finally arrived...
Tilos 600 Mask Fin Snorkel Set
Featuring the M250 Fantasia Mask
Tilos Mask/Snorkel/Fin Set-P370
Great snorkeling at a sweet price!
Tilos Streamline Fin
Open heel design for professional diving
Tilos 501 Mask Fin Snorkel Set
Featuring the Universal II Mask
Tilos/Promate Panoramic Purged Single Lens
Tempered glass lenses
IST Camo Hybrid Premium Mask, Black
Two-window design with partially over-molded frame
IST SPORT Heavy Duty Mesh Backpack
Gotta have it!!!
Trident Large One-Handed Squeeze-Open Bag for Lobster or other Game
Start meltin' the butter, cuz you're bringin' home the lobster!
Tilos Magma Set-704
Universal III Mask
AquaSketch Minno Slate, Black
This is SLICK technology!
Tilos Unisex Polytex Hooded
Heavy duty 8oz. Polypropylene
Tilos Panoptic Double Lens Mask, Yellow
Dual tempered glass lenses
Tilos Panoramic Single Lens Mask, Black
Soft hypo-allergic silicone skirt and strap
Tilos Panoramic Double Lens Camo Mask
Patented innovative Panoramic technology
Tilos 5mm Tatex Sealed Glove
Pre-curved finger with PU grip palm
Tilos 300 Mask Fin Snorkel Set
Featuring the M70 Trooper Mask
Tilos Women's 3mm Metal-Light Vest
3mm Metal-Light coated neoprene
Tilos Unisex Lycra Skin Suit
Highest quality 6oz. Spandex material in the market
Tilos Plug-In Pressure Checker
Intermediate pressure checker-Check it!
Tilos 3mm Men's Metal-Light Vest
3mm Men's Metal-Light coated neoprene
Tilos 3mm Tatex Sealed Glove
Pre-curved finger with PU grip palm
Tilos 201 Mask Fin Snorkel Set, Blue
Featuring the Fantasia Mask
Innovative All-In-One Tank Valve Multi-Tool
Everything you need in one tool to completely disassemble and reassemble tank valves! Includes coated comfo- grip handle.
Handheld Emergency Location Pinpointer, H.E.L.P
Better to have one and not need it, than to need one. . .
Tilos Max Tank Filler Adapter for Paintball Cylinders, Stainless Steel
Yoke style refill adapter. . for filling your paintball cylinder!
Shark and Flag Briefcase/Satchel
Show your colors. . .Diver!
Xcel Titanium 3mm Gloves
Regularly $60, Wickedly Discounted to. .
IST PROLINE M14 VEGA Color Correcting Mask, with BONUS Mask Defog and Protective Case!
Bonus Protective Case & Mask Defog Gel, Included
Tilos Women's Panoramic Double Lens Scuba Mask
Patented channeled skirt design!
Tilos Panoramic Double Lens Scuba Mask, Blue
See So Much More!
Tilos Insight Low Volume Freediving Mask, Black
Low volume single lens frameless design!
Diver Safety Signal Tubes
Stay Safe in the Water
Tilos Venus Mask
Venus' clear side windows greatly enhance user’s field of vision
Tilos Quantum Scuba/Snorkeling Mask, Black
Quick release buckles on skirt!
Pinnacle Aquatics Women's Short Sleeve 6 oz Rash Guard, Pink
Pink Never Looked So Good, and we aren't talking about your Sun Burn
Diverʼs Save a Dive Tool Kit Zippered Easy Access Tool Folder
. . . you gotta ask yourself, how much is your dive worth?
Tilos Panoramic Down View Scuba Mask, Blue
Schweet Down View Vision!
Tilos Purged Arrow Dynamic Mask
Three-window contoured design for maximum vision
Tilos Specialty Purged Boom Mask
Designed to accommodate large noses
Oceanic Ultradry Snorkel
The name says it all.
Xcel Ventx Short Sleeve Rash Guard
Don't get burned! IN STOCK Now
Oceanic Cargo Mesh Backpack
Schweet gear transport for humpin' tropical stuff!
Xcel Women's Long Sleeve Rashguard
Best looking in the water!
Tilos Diver Drop Point Knife, Black
5” Stainless Steel Shark Stickin' Power
Trident Pro Save a Dive Kit
A Definite Must Have for Every Diver!
Tilos Flex Scuba Back-up Mask, Black
Flexible joint permits the mask to fold in half!
Pinnacle Deluxe Drysuit Bag
Have spare drysuits and accessories, this bag holds it all.
Tilos 1.5mm Kevlar Velcro Glove
Tear resistant Kevlar palm & fingers
Tilos 20L Dry Backpack
Fill er up!
Tilos Refill Adapter
Get Refill Adapter!
Tilos Quantum Mask
Large two-window design for amazing visibility
Tilos Titanica Mask
Reduced volume design
Tilos Fleece Shorts Unisex
Fleece lining
Tilos Universal II Mask
Corrective Lenses Available for this Mask!
Tilos Solar Mask
Foldable innovative buckles perfect for travel
Tilos Seer Mask
Crystal silicone skirt and strap
Tilos Unisex 1mm Neo Lycra Paddle Shorts
1mm neoprene with lycra insertion for better stretch and comfort
Tilos Orion Snorkel
Exclusive Dry Top Snorkel
Tilos Titanica with E-Band Mask
Enlarged single lens for wide viewing
Tilos Butterfly Mask
Offers excellent downward visibility!
Mack's Rechargeable Ear Dryer, Blue/White
Swimmer's Ear Sucks!
Sink the Stink Spray Deodorizer
Getting the smell out!
Innovative The Gripper Max Force
Features the same advantages as the Gripper except 25
Xcel Pupukea Mens Boardshorts
Hot Lookin' with Great Comfort!
Edge Adult Snorkeling Vest
Regularly, $59.00, Now on Sale For:
IST Proline Dry Top Snorkel, Blue
Unique blend of trendy looks & superior function
Sink The Stink Oil Cleaner
Coming up Oranges!
Xcel Xcelerator Boardshorts
Hammerhead RT3 24oz Locking Gear Keeper for Heavy Lights & Cameras
. . . you gotta ask yourself, how much is your camera worth?
Exceed Encore Long Sleeve Rash Guard, Black
Fits Great Underneath a Wetsuit
Tilos 420 Stainless Steel Drop Point Knife, Black
4.5” (420) Stainless Steel. Just wicked Cool!
Tilos Titanica Junior Camo
Sooooo cute! Perfect with the Oracle Jr. Snorkel!
Tilos Titanica Camo Mask
Go Camo!
Tilos 1.5 Inch Pressure Checker
Better to have it and not need it . . .
Innovative The Gripper Standard Force
Features exceptional retracting reliability and unique design advantages.
Tilos Vision Jr. Mask
A great youth mask at an economical price
Oceanic Regulator Bag
Protect your lifeline!
Tilos Universal II Stainless Steel Fin Strap
Spring fin strap with stainless steel buckle
Tilos 3mm Kevlar Velcro Glove
Tear resistant Kevlar palm
IST SPORTS 3D Flex Dry Snorkel
IST has
IST PROLINE Dry Top Purged Snorkel
The Ultimate in Snorkeling Ease, this is the Rolls Royce of Women's Semi Dry
Xcel Kids Long Sleeve Sun Protective Top
Save Their Young Skin from Sun Damage!
Tilos Specialty Dual Mask, Black
Large side cut windows increase field of vision
Tilos Visionary Mask
Be a visionary!
ISt Proline S.O.S. Snorkel/Whistle Safe Set
Snorkel & Whistle Combination? What will they think of NEXT?
Exceed Encore Short Sleeve Rash Guard, Black
Exceed Lycra Provides UV Protection
Innovative Deluxe Diver Tool & Repair Kit
This kit comes in zippered pouch and includes 2 specially developed Scuba Wrenches
Tough tear resistant Supratex palm/neoprene back
Doc's ProPlugs Combo Pack, Vented, Clear
. . . mondo protection!
Tilos Deluxe Drop Point 420 Stainless Steel Knife
4.5” (420) Stainless Steel blade with Titanium coating
Tilos Fantasia Mask
Quick-adjust strap buckle
Tilos Kid's Tomcat Jr. Mask
For the kidlets, OR those with smaller faces
Tilos Anti-UV Rash Guards Male Ss
4-way stretch UV flex--stay cool!
Tilos 7/5mm Short Hood
7mm --Major Warmth!
Tilos 6/3mm Neoprene Hood
6/3mm--Deliciously Warm
Tilos Universal III Mask
Single lens provides excellent vision!
Tilos 7/5mm Advanced Stretch Short Hood
7mm Advanced Warming!
Exceed Ecco Long Sleeve Rash Guard, White / Pink
Fitting Design For Powerful Movement
Exceed Eminence Long Sleeve Rash Guard, Blue / White
Tattoos and Designs Made With Patented Super-Stretch Ink
Tilos Women's Short Sleeve Anti-UV Rash Guard
No sunburns, ladies!
Exceed Enrage Long Sleeve Rash Guard, White / Brown / Leopard
Tattoos and Designs
Exceed Eden Long Sleeve Rash Guard, White / Red
Design For Powerful Movement
Exceed Exude Long Sleeve Rash Guard, White
Fitting Design For Powerful Movement
Tilos Women's Long Sleeve Anti-UV Rash Guard
Keeps you cool and no sun damage, ladies!
Exceed Entrap Long Sleeve Rash Guard, White / Black
Tattoos and Designs
Tilos Propel Fins
Soft & durable full foot pocket is comfortable with either socks or barefoot
Exceed Evasive Long Sleeve Rash Guard, Fuchsia
Fitting Design For Powerful Movement
Exceed Expedition Long Sleeve Rash Guard, Brown / White
Fitting Design For Powerful Movement
Tilos Long Sleeve UV Protective Rash Guard
4-way stretch UV flex
Exceed Entrap Short Sleeve Rash Guard, White / Black
Great Underneath a Wetsuit
Exceed Eternity Short Sleeve Rash Guard, Brown
Tattoos and Designs
Exceed Enrage Short Sleeve Rash Guard, White / Brown / Leopard
Tattoos and Designs
Exceed Eden Short Sleeve Rash Guard, White / Red
patented super-stretch ink
Exceed Edge Short Sleeve Rash Guard, White / Blue
Great Underneath a Wetsuit
Tilos Titanica Jr. Mask
Soft hypo-allergic silicone skirt
Tilos Eagle Eyes Mask
Wider Down View!
Tilos Purged Universal IV Mask
One great mask!
Tilos Trooper Mask
Two-window design and small upper joint for bright and clear view
Tilos Magma Triopoli
Open heel design for professional diving
Tilos Premium Universal Mask
For those of us who need it, Corrective Lenses Available!
Innovative Scuba Stainless Steel Spring Straps - EZ Model
EZ-You'll have these puppies popped on in 5 minutes!
Cetacea Stage Bottle Strap
An Easy Way to Set Up a Deco Bottle!
Tilos U-Pro II Premium Snorkel
Adjustable mask strap retaining clip
Innovative Lobster Inn
GREAT GIFT, $50 Lobster Inn for ONLY
Innovative T-2 SCUBA Tool
. . . if it breaks, we replace it, booyah!
Drysuit & Undergarment Hang Up Bag
Show some love to your Drysuit!
Xcel Womens Short Sleeve Sun Protective Shirt
Sun Protection Never Looked Better!
Exceed Eminence Short Sleeve Rash Guard, Blue / White seams
Short Sleeve Lycra Top
Exceed Evasive Short Sleeve Rash Guard, Fuchsia
Great Underneath a Wetsuit
IST Travel Snorkeling & Swim Training Fin
Regularly $45, on sale for. . .
Tilos Discovery II Flashlight
Powered by 4-AA alkaline batteries
Exceed Eternity Sleeveless Rash Guard, Brown
Fitting Design For Powerful Movement
Trident Pro Lobster Bag
One of the best bags you can have for holding lobster
Tilos Kids Cyclops Snorkeling/Scuba Mask
Regularly $48, on sale for. . .
Innovative "Razor" Line Cutters
Unique handle design is easy to grip. Comes with hard plastic sheath.
Tilos 3mm Neoprene Hood
3mm Skull & Skirt Warmth
Trident Multifunction Hanger!
TILOS Kid's UV Rash Guard Long Sleeve
Provides boys and girls with excellent protection!
Tilos Triopoli Jr. Fins
Perfect for your petite feet!
Tilos Short Sleeve UV Protective Rash Guard
4-way Stretch UV Flex
Tilos 5mm Kevlar Velcro Glove
Regularly $32.99, on sale for. . .
Tilos Vulcan Junior Kid's Fins
X-Stretch full foot pocket stretches up two sizes
Tilos 2mm Superstretch Glove
2mm SuperStretch material
Tilos 1.5mm Mesh Reef Glove
Amara palm/neoprene & mesh combination
Tilos Kids Short Sleeve UV Protective Rash Guard
Give the kids excellent protection against sunburn!
Tilos DIN Adapter
Adapt it!
Tilos High Flow Snorkel
Semi-dry top design!
Tilos High Flow Snorkel
With splash-proof Dry Guard
Tilos 1.5 Inch/Deux Pressure Checker
Check the pressure, baby!
Tilos Semi-Dry Splash Snorkel, (Camo)
Great lookin' and fun to use
Weight Tote Bag
Carry your entire weight belt with ease
Tilos Yoke Adapter
Yoke adapter
Tilos 3 Inch Pointed Knife
Innovative Yoke Lights.
Long lasting Super Bright Yoke Light integrates the marker light with the regulator yoke screw.
Tilos BCD 3 Inch Serrated Edge
Kwik Tek Dry Pack, Nylon Belt (6-Inch x 5-Inch x 3/4-Inch
. . . oh you know you want one!
Innovative Optic Tube Marker Light
2 LED lights at both ends with 2 battery compartments
Scuba Max BC Knife Blue KN-100 Round
Quick and Efficient Just like you!
Tilos 5/3mm Super-Stretch Hood
Regularly $40, on sale for. . .
Tilos Premium Splash Snorkel, Black
Prompt clearing through bottom drain valve
Tilos Titanium with Velcro 3mm Dive Glove
Titanium with Velcro!
Tilos 3mm Titanium Velcro Glove
Pre-curved finger with PU grip palm
Mesh Drawstring Bag
Regular Price: $22 ON SALE NOW FOR
Tilos S O S Jr Snorkel for Kid's
Child sized PVC mouthpiece
Tilos Spiral Snorkel, Black
Flexible foldable tube permits compact storing
Innovative Mini Tools
All wrenches are made of Chrome & Vanadium steel.
Dive Flag Door Mat
Representing your love of Scuba!
Trident Stainless Steel Scuba Wrench Set
These two stainless steel wrenches
Tilos Kid's Totally Dry Snorkel, Jr.
Patented float top keeps water from entering
Dive Rite X Large SS Swivel Bolt Snap
This is a big un' for starting that SPG!
Innovative Safe Sea Lotion
Jellyfish Sting Protective Lotion
Mares Flexible Foam Hanger
Ideal to hang your wetsuit or other equipment in areas that need protection.
Tilos Dive Torch
The torch to have!
Dive Rite SS Double End Bolt Snap 3.5
Snap It!
Tilos Oracle Junior Snorkel
Goes great with the Tilos Seer Jr. Mask!
Trident Dive Underwater Slate
Bright white writing slate in a compact size
Tilos Jx2 Snorkel
Softest silicone mouthpiece
Innovative Lazer-Stik Light Stick
Rated to 350' depth. US Patent D391,653 - Canadian Patent 82779. Batteries included.
Tilos Magma Mesh Bag Large
How much junk can you carry? A LOT!!!
Innovative 200 Hour Flashing Water Activated Marker Light
Total life is 200 hours which far exceeds most marker lights on the market.
Tilos Magma Mesh Bag Medium
Nylon Mesh with transparent PVC
Tilos BCD Plastic Knife Sheath
Compatible with Tilos’s item K100, K200 & K300
Cetacea Dive Flag Quick Release Key Chain
When you need a release!
Tilos Junior Snorkel
Don't rent a snorkel...ewwww!!!
Innovative Wipe Away Pain
Delivers fast relief and cooling sensation