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  Have the dilemma of that hard to find a gift for friend or family member. Let us help, we are just a phone call away for gift ideas for that surfer, wakeboarder, freediver or SCUBA Diver! Welcome tot the Tribe Called K2, Welcome Home!
 Under $150
Mil/Spec Type 50 Waterproof HardCase, Orange
Mil/Spec ....WoW Stackable Watertight Hardcases!
Mil/Spec Type 50 Waterproof HardCase, Black
Mil/Spec. . . Come git some!
Princeton Tec MiniWave 337 lumens LED Scuba Dive Light, Black
Comes with Rechargeable battery!
Dive Rite Lift Bag
Salvage divers, underwater archaeologists, lets lift stuff
IST Professional Tank Pressure Gauge with Yoke Fitting
You know you want it!
Xcel 6/5/4 ThermoFlex Hooded Vest
Freekin' Warm, Eco-Friendly & Crazy Kool!
GatorPac Large Backpack
Pack the Freekin' Kitchen Sink!
Mil/Spec Type 40 Waterproof HardCase, Black
Mil/Spec. . . Booyah!
Mil/Spec Type 40 Waterproof HardCase, Yellow
Mi/Spec. . . t'aint your momma's hardcase!
Exceed Evolution 3/2mm Shorty, Pink / Grey / Black
Protection And Anti-Abrasion
Xcel 4/3mm ThermoFlex Hooded Vest
So you want to be slickedy cool in warmer waters!
Exceed Electric 2mm Shorty, Grey / Orange
Protective Inner Flap
Exceed Emotion 2mm Shorty, Grey / Black
Lycra Adjustable Ultra-Stretch Collar
The Kitchen Sink of Scuba Diving, Hardcover
. . .it is truly the secrets, the
Dive Flag Float And Cover With Pole Assembly Kit
Everything you need in a great diving float!
Tilos Swivel Octopus
Smooth action 180 degree swivel!
AquaTec Deluxe Travel Pole Spear
For the Purist Hunter!
ScubaMax HUGE All-Equipment Bag
You could hide a BODY in this puppy!
Oceanic Ion III Series Mask, Black
Regularly $75, Wickedly Discounted to. .
Tilos Caliber Steel/Rubber Mask
Sweet Steel with ButterSoft Rubber
IST Proline Titanium Point Tip Knife, Black
5.7 inches of Titanium Strength 150,000 (lbs/inch)
Oceanic Ion Mask
May be easily fitted with optical lenses from -1.5 to -8.0 diopters in .5 increments
Xcel Mens Heathered Ventx Hoodie, Bonus Gift Triathlon Sunblock Included
Bonus Gift Triathlon Sunblock Included
Tilos Tank Pro Valve
Yoke/Din Conversion
Tilos Discovery III 5 Watt Flashlight
5 Watt LED Flashlight w/Philips LUMILEDS LED lights
Xcel Womens EcoVentx Hoodie
Go on with yo' Hooded Zippered Baad Self!
Tilos Tank K-Valve
Standard yoke outlet
Tilos Discovery I 3-Watt Underwater Flashlight
Small but Powerful!
Tilos BCD Titanium Drop Point Dive Knife
3” Stainless Steel blade withTitanium coating
IST Sport Classic Rubber Fins
Even after 20 years, it's still a Classic!
Tilos Forged Drop Point Ergonomic Knife, Black
4.5” Stainless Steel Blade and Schweet Talons
Tilos Magma S Sun 1w High Power Strobe
1 watt LED high power red light
Tilos Mask and Snorkel Set-P250
THIS is the kitchen sink!
Xcel Titanium 5mm Gloves
Be Warm with Style!
Tilos Phantom Mask
Rubberized coating on outer frame absorbs any impact
Tilos Magma Set-301
Eagle Eyes Mask
Tilos/IST Excel Frameless Mask, Black
Sleek, Black, Frameless, Low Profile. . you will forget you have a mask on!
Underwater Kinetics Mini Q40 eLED
Mad Power in a Teeny Tiny Housing!
Oceanic Ultradry Snorkel
The name says it all.
Deep Outdoors 10ft Jon Line
Dont' be hanging without one!
Dive Rite Finger Spool
Dive Rite ABS Plastic Finger Spool
Xcel Men's Haleiwa Boardshort
Don't burn bottom!
Scuba Max Folding Pocket Dive Knife
Shearing through the rest!
Diving & Drysuit Ankle Weights
That Answer to Floaty Feet Syndrome!
McNett Advanced Microfiber Towel
Dry off in Style!
Xcel Womens Short Sleeve Sun Protective Shirt
Sun Protection Never Looked Better!
Scuba Max Pointed BCD Dive Knife
Sleeker and Sexier!
Tilos BCD Drop Point Knife, Black/Blue
3” (420) Stainless Steel blade
Screw in Super Sand Anchor
Staying Put!
Neosoft 3mm Neoprene Sock for Full Foot Fins
Prevent the chafes, bruises, blisters, and black toes from full foot fins!
Deep Outdoors Wrist Slate
Writing about the fishes!
Scuba Diver's Underwater Notebook
Communicating at 30 fsw!
Cetacea Adjustable Tank Caddy
Save your back and carry it better!
McNett Packing Cube Organizer
Organizing your small items!
Mako Shark Dive Knife with Leg Strap Sheath
Cutting through anything that gets in your way!
Dive Rite SS Double Ender Bolt Snap 4 inches
McNett Money Pouch
Protect your valuables!
Tilos BCD Hose Attachment for Knife
Now you can find your knife!
Cetacea O-Rings
Cause you never know when you will need one!