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  Have the dilemma of that hard to find a gift for friend or family member. Let us help, we are just a phone call away for gift ideas for that surfer, wakeboarder, freediver or SCUBA Diver! Welcome tot the Tribe Called K2, Welcome Home!
 Under $300
Tilos Men's 7/6/5mm Epic Fullsuit
Quadruple watertight glued throughout entire suit
St Moritz Dive Watch VS-1 Chrono Watch
Sleek and Reliable Dive Watch
Apollo Bio Fins Pro XT C-Series - with Stainless Steel Fin Straps
Old Skool Split Fins!
Spare Air 300 Emergency Air Package 3.0 Cu. Ft., Yellow
. . . it is the better to have it, and not need it Kung Fu!
Liquid Image Video/Still Photo Scuba Mask (HD320 Mid), Blue
. . . how slick would it be to do underwater video for a fraction of the cost!
Exceed Essence 5/4mm Fullsuit, Black / Red
E-Stretch Four Way Stretch Material
Liquid Image Video/Still Photo Mask (310 Mid), Fire Red
. . . go on down to 2 ATM and take video wit yo' baad self!
Luxfer/HyMark Aluminum 40 Deco Cylinder
Schweet WorkHorse Deco Bottle
Exceed Ember 3/2mm Fullsuit, Red / Black
Ankle Seals to Keep Water Out
Exceed Emperor 3/2mm Fullsuit, White / Blue
Superelastic E-stretch Neoprene Designed
Exceed Esteem 3/2mm Fullsuit, Grey / Silver
Freedom of Movement and Comfort
Tilos Explorer First Stage Yoke Regulator
Balanced diaphragm
Exceed Eccentric 3/2mm Fullsuit, Dark Grey
Provides Wind Protection And Anti-Abrasion
Exceed Empress White 3/2mm Fullsuit, White
Just Sexy
Exceed Essence 3/2mm Fullsuit, Black / Red
Flexible, Waterproof Pressure Bonded
Exceed Empress Black 3/2mm Fullsuit, Black
Waterproof Pressure Bonded Seam Tape
Exceed Electro 3/2mm Fullsuit, Grey / Orange
Waterproof Pressure Bonded
St Moritz M1 Deep 6 Dive Watch
Sleek and sexy dive watch
Mil/Spec Type 61 Waterproof Hardcases, Black
Mil/Spec Hardcases...Simply Durable!!
Tilos Atlantis Octopus
Outstanding breathing performance
Tilos Men's 3/2mm Epic Tropical Fullsuit
Flat-Stitched throughout entire suit
Tilos Women's 3/2mm Epic Tropical Fullsuit
Flat-Stitched throughout entire suit
K2 Compass, LED Light, Shark Stickin' Knife Package!
Everything You Need for your Advanced Open Water Package
Tilos Aztec Octopus
High grade chrome brass air supplier sleeve
Xcel Kid's Thermolite 3/2mm Wetsuit
Because Our Kids Deserve This Maximum Protection
Mil/Spec Type 55 Waterproof Hardcases, Black
Mil/Spec. . Go On & Try to Crush It!
Innovative 65-piece Professional Diver Tool Kit
Our largest tool kit contains all the contents shown and comes in durable zippered cordura carrier.
SeaDive Eagleye RayBlocker TruVu Mask
For the Penultimate in UV Protection and Pristine Glass
ScubaMax Boat Coat
You KNOW you are tired of being ccccold!
SeaDive SeaKing RayBlocker TruVu Mask
This is the Wicked Low Volume UV Protection Color Correcting. . .
Exceed Epic 2mm Shorty, Black / Red
Flatlock Stitched Seams
Tilos 52L Dry Duffel Drybag, Black
52L of Wicked Dry Duffle Space!
Tilos Unite Octopus
Integrates Power Inflator with a 2nd stage – eliminates one hose
Atomic Ultraclear Frameless Mask, with Bonus Atomic Protective Case & Mask Defog, Included!
Bonus Atomic Protective Case & Mask Defog, Included!
Dive Rite Aluminum Backplate
1.5 lbs of sweet anodized al-u-minium!
Dive Rite Classic Cavern/Safety Reel
Classic Cavern/Safety with either 90 or 140'
Oceanic Neo II Low Profile Mask
Ultimate field of view in a two window design
Dive Rite Wrist Compass
All That Power, in a Rugged Wrist Mounted Compass