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  Have the dilemma of that hard to find a gift for friend or family member. Let us help, we are just a phone call away for gift ideas for that surfer, wakeboarder, freediver or SCUBA Diver! Welcome tot the Tribe Called K2, Welcome Home!
 Under $25
Mil/Spec Type 5 Waterproof HardCase, Yellow
. . protect your treasures!
Mil/Spec Type 5 Waterproof HardCase, Black
. . .protect your treasures, in BLACK!
H2O 2mm Max Lycra Backed Webbed Gloves for Scuba & Snorkeling, Black
For re-enabled scuba divers and snorkelers, this is propulsion
Nitrox Flag Diving Baseball Cap
Show your colors. . .Voodoo Gas Diver!
Tilos Anti-Uv Rash Guards Male Ss
Stay cool and don't burn!
Zippered & Three Ring Dive Log
Dontcha need another dive log to replace the one you lost?
Reef Fish Identification Cards: Reef Watchers Guide
Squishy things to Look out for
Sun Protective Diving Cap
Stop Burning your cranium. . .Diver!
IST 3mm Socks
Keep the blisters away!
House Shark Banner, Black
Show your colors. . .Pirate!
Rescue Tape Self-Fusing Silicone Repair Tape, Length 1 inches by 12 feet
. . . you won't need it until you NEED IT!
Underwater Kinetics Accessory Hanger
Keeping your gear organized!
NOAA NITROX I: 32% Nitrox Dive Tables
Regular Price: $10 ON SALE NOW FOR
NOAA NITROX II: 36% Nitrox Dive Tables
. . .Mmmm Voodoo Gas!
Doc's ProPlugs-Preformed Protective Earplugs (pair) Clear, Vented
. . . ooh, you know you want em!
Reef Fish Identification Cards: Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands, Booyah! Take us with you!
Reef Fish Identification Cards: Hawaii
Hawaii, you lucky doooog!
Orange Silicone Mouthpiece
Color your mouth Orange!
Reef Fish Identification Cards: Cozumel, Belize, Honduras
Mmmm Cozumel!
Reef Fish Identification Cards: Florida
. . .the gin clear waters of Florida!
Reef Fish Identification Cards: Micronesia
Reef Fish of Micronesia
Reef Fish Identification Cards: Caribbean
The Freekin Caribbean, You So Lucky!
Reef Fish Identification Cards: Pacific Coast
So and No Cal, Baby!