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  Here you will find everything life support, complementary placed packages that work best together. Welcome to the K2 Difference!
 Economy Packages
TUSA Dive Essentials Adventure Package
. . . the Better of Good/Better/Best
TUSA Economy Dive Essentials Scuba Gear Package
Brand Name Stuff, for cheap, cheap, CHEAP!
Oceanic New Diver Recession Buster Package
The Kitchen Sink, at an affordable Price!
Tilos M400-2 Panoramic Camo + S560-2 Dry Camo
Tilos Mask And Snorkel
Tilos M290 Purged Arrow Dynamic Mask + S840 Snorkeler Sleek Dry Snorkel
New Tilos Dynamic Mask And Dry Snorkel!
Tilos/Promate M100 Tomcat Jr. Mask + S360 S.O.S. Jr. Snorkel + F1900 Triopoli Jr. Fin
Get The Tilos Mask, Snorkel And Fin!
Tilos M250 Fantasia Mask + S501 U-Pro II Snorkel
Get The New Tilos Mask And Snorkel!
Tilos/Promate M250 Fantasia Mask + S910 JX2 Snorkel
Tilos Mask And Snorkel!