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  You know the cornucopiae that is Oceania. We are your full service concierge dealer that is everything hunting, spear, pole, or what the heck, taking with your bare hands! Go you Hunter, Urah!
 Spearguns & Polespears
Omer Cayman HF2 100cm Speargun
Such a schweet speargun!
JBL Speargun, Woody Elite Series-Magnum 66"
The BEST of the Best!
JBL Woody Series-Magnum 66
This is Wicked Brand New, this ain't your momma's speargun!
JBL Woody Sawed Off Magnum 54"
Midsized Stealth, and Wicked Lethal Power!
JBL Speargun, Elite Magnum 63 Inches
Wicked, Wicked Extreme!
JBL Speargun, Elite Sawed Off Magnum 53 Inches
What's for Dinner?
JBL Woody Series- 38-Special 42 Inch
Speed and Stealth with Punching Power Second to None!
JBL Speargun, Elite 38 Special 42 Inches
. . Where the Rockstars swim with the Crocodiles!
K2 Compass, LED Light, Shark Stickin' Knife Package!
Everything You Need for your Advanced Open Water Package
AquaTec Deluxe Travel Pole Spear
For the Purist Hunter!
Neosoft 3mm Neoprene Sock for Full Foot Fins
Prevent the chafes, bruises, blisters, and black toes from full foot fins!
Trident Lobster Gauge for California Hunting
. . you better have this in California!