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  These are your "must have" items! Here you will find that most essential product offerings that will keep you safe underwater. This includes Mask, Fin, Snorkel, Gauges, Dive Watches, and Computers.
 Scuba Tanks & Cylinders
MIL/SPEC Expedition Pro BCD, Black & Mean
This is Freekin' All That!
Faber FX 149 Cubic Foot Steel Cylinder
For the diver that wants MAD air!
Faber FX 133 Cubic Foot Steel Cylinder
133 cubic feet of life giving air!
Faber FX 120 Cubic Foot Steel Cylinder
Faber, Italy's Best!
XS Scuba 120 Cubic Foot High Pressure Steel Tank
Breathe longer with this schweet steel
Faber FX 117 Cubic Foot Steel Cylinder
The best of the best in cylinders!
XS Scuba 95 Cubic Foot Low Pressure Steel Tank
Take Weight off your weight belt
Worthington X-Series 80 Cubic Feet Steel Cylinder Tank
Perfect Balance of Buoyancy Weight and Massive Air
Faber 85 Cubic Foot 2400 psi Cylinder
The Only Low Pressure 85 in the World!
Dive Rite 300 Bar Manifold
Stepping up to the big boy doubles!
Spare Air 300 Emergency Air Package 3.0 Cu. Ft., Yellow
. . . it is the better to have it, and not need it Kung Fu!
Spare Air 1.7 Cu Ft Emergency Air Supply Package
. . a tiny better to have it, and not need it!
Nuvair Quickstick Oxygen Analyzer
Remove your nose from the computer screen, you are smutzing it!
Cyl-Tec Aluminum 80
The workhorse of the diving industry, the AL 80!
Luxfer/HyMark Aluminum 40 Deco Cylinder
Schweet WorkHorse Deco Bottle
Tilos 225 BAR Manifold
Yoke valves TK-03 (left hand) TK-08 (right hand)
DIN to DIN Transfill Whip with 5000 PSI Gauge
. . . lordy this makes on the spot fills so easy!
Dive Rite STA & Stamped SS Cam Bands Package
. . . Just a Wicked Schweet Setup!
6 Cubic Foot Bailout/Pony Bottle
You wont need it, until you REALLY NEED IT
IST Professional Tank Pressure Gauge with DIN Fitting
Oooh, you know you want one!
Thermo 300 BAR Tank Valve
300 BAR of Steel Twisting Pleasure!
Thermo 230 BAR DIN/Yoke Pro Valve
The Best of Both First Stage Lovin' Worlds
Thermo K Valve
Itsa K Valve
Cetacea Stage Bottle Strap
An Easy Way to Set Up a Deco Bottle!
Cetacea Adjustable Tank Caddy
Save your back and carry it better!
Foam Tank Rack
Stop tank roll-around!
Trident Tank Cam Band Buckle, Black
. . . go on and tempt fate, and not have this in your dive kit!
Cetacea O-Rings
Cause you never know when you will need one!