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  These are your "must have" items! Here you will find that most essential product offerings that will keep you safe underwater. This includes Mask, Fin, Snorkel, Gauges, Dive Watches, and Computers.
 Weights & Weight Belts
Dive Rite 32 lbs QLR Weight Pocket
32 Pounds Never Sat So Good!
GatorPac Weight Bag
. . . try carrying all of that lead, without one!
Diving & Drysuit Ankle Weights
That Answer to Floaty Feet Syndrome!
SeaLifeĀ® Buoyancy Weight
. . . kill off that floaty bazillion camera feeling!
Weight Belt Stainless Steel Buckle
Spring loaded for easy adjustment!
Innovative Cordura 4 Pocket Weight Belt
A very comfortable Cordura Weightbelt!
Trident Single Weight Pouch, 5 lbs Capacity Black
Weight Belt Stainless Steel Weight Stop Keeper and Accessory Holder
Keep your lead weights in place!
Weight Keeper for Traditional Scuba Weights (set of 2)
Keep Your Scuba Weights from Sliding Around!