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  These are your "must have" items! Here you will find that most essential product offerings that will keep you safe underwater. This includes Mask, Fin, Snorkel, Gauges, Dive Watches, and Computers.
 Scuba Octopus & Spare Air
Spare Air 300 Emergency Air Package 3.0 Cu. Ft., Yellow
. . . it is the better to have it, and not need it Kung Fu!
Spare Air 1.7 Cu Ft Emergency Air Supply Package
. . a tiny better to have it, and not need it!
Oceanic Air XS II Alternate Inflator
One is better than two!
Oceanic Octo Swiv with Magnetic Keeper
Got Magnetic Attraction?
Tilos Atlantis Octopus
Outstanding breathing performance
Tilos Aztec Octopus
High grade chrome brass air supplier sleeve
Oceanic Alpha 8 Octo Back-Up Reg Second Stage
This is your Octo for your Oceanic Reg!
Oceanic SlimLine 2 Octo
Cressi Octopus Ellipse
Schweet Deal!
Tilos Octopus Adjustable Safe Second
Reliable, safe design...Fantastic price.
Tilos Octopus Non Adjustable
Outstanding breathing performance
Dive Alert Plus, Underwater/Surface Signalling Device
Better to have it and not need it, than to need it. . .
Dive Rite DIN to Yoke Adapter
232 BAR of yoke valve diving excitement!