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  These are your "must have" items! Here you will find that most essential product offerings that will keep you safe underwater. This includes Mask, Fin, Snorkel, Gauges, Dive Watches, and Computers.
 Scuba Gauges
Cressi Archimedes Console 3 PSI
Wow the Compass can be angled in 4 different positions how schweet is that!
Cressi Leonardo Console
Available as a two gauge console booyah!
IST Proline Triple Gauge Console, with Bonus Retractor, Included
Bonus Retractor, Included
Tilos Combo Console
3-Gauge Analog Console includes a depth gauge
Oceanic 200-ft Maxdepth Three Gauge Navcon Swiv Console
The top of the Oceanic Line in Analog Consoles
Tilos 3-Combo Console
Compact 3-gauge analog console
Oceanic B.U.D. Back Up SCUBA Diving Computer BUD, Bonus Gift Protective Hardcase Included
With Bonus Gift Protective Hardcase Included!
DIN to DIN Transfill Whip with 5000 PSI Gauge
. . . lordy this makes on the spot fills so easy!
Tilos 2-Combo Console
Compact 2 gauge analog console includes a depth gauge and a high-pressure gauge
K2 Compass, LED Light, Shark Stickin' Knife Package!
Everything You Need for your Advanced Open Water Package
IST Professional Tank Pressure Gauge with Yoke Fitting
You know you want it!
Dive Rite 2.5" Brass & Glass SPG with Boot
For Streamlining!
IST Professional Tank Pressure Gauge with DIN Fitting
Oooh, you know you want one!
Cressi-Sub Mini SPG
Extremely strong and durable!
Dive Alert Plus, Underwater/Surface Signalling Device
Better to have it and not need it, than to need it. . .
Dive Rite 2.5" Brass & Glass SPG Naked
Diving Purist, or in remote locations!
Dive Rite 2.5" SPG in BAR
Crazy Smokin' Deal, $90 SPG for ONLY:
Dive Rite Compact 1.5" Brass & Glass SPG
Perfect for use on deco bottles!
Dive Rite Wrist Compass
All That Power, in a Rugged Wrist Mounted Compass
Tilos Plug-In Pressure Checker
Intermediate pressure checker-Check it!
Tilos 1.5 Inch Pressure Checker
Better to have it and not need it . . .
24 Inch High Pressure Hose for your SPG, Black
For Streamlining your pressure gauge
Tilos 1.5 Inch/Deux Pressure Checker
Check the pressure, baby!
Oceanic Retractor
You know you need it!
Dive Rite SS Double Ender Bolt Snap 4 inches
Dive Rite X Large SS Swivel Bolt Snap
This is a big un' for starting that SPG!